Free tarot

Do you have doubts about what is happening in your life? No longer keep mulling over the matter; the free tarot has all the answers that your doubts deserve. Our team of tarotists, astrologers and seers, has prepared a very complete free spread with the secret meanings of the tarot arcana.

Get to know our Free Tarot

Our tarot spread is a divinatory method based on the tarot of Marseille. Among all the deck options that exist to do a tarot reading, our team of professionals has decided to use the one from Marseille due to its high content of meanings.

Its arcana speak for themselves. Not only their name contributes to the final meaning of the answer to the query you make, but each of their colors, the symbolic objects that the characters carry in their hands or in their clothes, as well as the right-left dichotomy, play a role. decisive role in guiding interpretation.

When it comes time to draw your cards for reading, you will have to select three. The first of them will tell you about the present in your life, the second will provide you with elements of the immediate past to know the origin, while the third will give you advice to face the future. In other words, you arrive at the tarot with a large number of questions and you leave with your hands full of answers and recommendations so that everything happens, in the best possible way.

Start your Free Spin right now

Now you just need to think about what you want to ask, focus on it and choose the three cards that will shape the destiny of your life. All of them appear on the side of the back so that you cannot see which figure they correspond to and thus avoid cheating yourself. Now who will speak is your intuition. When you feel like you should click on a card, follow that inner voice and do it without thinking too much.

Now take a few minutes to analyze the answer that the tarot has given you and keep it with you, because in it beats the seed of your destiny.
Our tarot and divination professionals are waiting for you to give you the answers you are looking for and help you take the helm of your life and take the ship through the calmest and calmest waters.