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Having it makes life happy and brings us closer to that ideal state of happiness; his lack saddens us and doubts about him weigh us down. We talk about nothing less than knowing the future. Having your energy is so important that we can even feel an immense fear of losing it. It is in these extreme situations, our best advisor is the tarot. In its arcana we will find answers to the questions that do not let us sleep peacefully or live in peace. In turn, our tarot readers have done a detailed investigation to elucidate the advice that each arcanum has for us on all issues. The tarot is the most reliable and truthful divinatory method of all. All your questions have answers so that your future can find its lost channel again.

How to prepare for the Tarot reading

The key to receiving a transformative answer lies in cleaning our receptor channels. Through them, the information flows and reaches our unconscious, but in order for it to do so in the purest way, we need to purify those passages of bad energies.

How do we do it? Not thinking of anything negative regarding the question of what we are doing. It is normal that because of anxiety we allow unfavorable situations regarding the question that we are going to ask to begin to parade through our minds. It is immediately that they appear that we must banish them and leave them without any opportunity to influence our response.

Now we will take three deep breaths and focus on what we want to ask the tarot. Always keep in mind that you can ask him how many times you want; the only requirement is not to mix two questions into one, but to dedicate the time and energy it deserves to each one.

How to do the Tarot reading

The answer to your question will be made up of three cards. You will only need to choose those three that capture the attention of your eyes when you travel them from the side of the back. Allow your intuition to speak for you and listen to the advice of the arcane sages to give a new direction to your life.